The SAPA Foundation collects, documents, archives and promotes works in the field of the performing arts (dance, theatre, performance) that have been produced in Switzerland, are related to Switzerland or are significant for Switzerland. All these documents form the Helvetica of the Performing Arts.

The drama of a moment on stage is fleeting, but its traces can be found in written documents, video recordings, sketches and drawings, models and objects. These must be preserved in such a way that they can be viewed and used by present and future generations. Ultimately, the foundation sees itself as an institution serving not only the interests of scholarship and research but also artistic creation and the promotion of dance and theatre arts in society.

SAPA was created on 1 January 2017 from the merger of two institutions:

  • The Swiss Dance Archive which, in turn, resulted from the merger of the Archives suisses de la danse (founded in 1993 by Jean Pierre Pastori in Lausanne) and the media library (founded in 2005 by Wolfgang Brunner and Eva Richterich in Zurich).
  • The Swiss Theatre Collection STS, founded in 1927 as a private initiative by theatre- makers, was transformed into a foundation in 1978 (with three public foundation supporters and the Swiss Society of Theatre Arts SGTK as co-founder).

Short portrait of the SAPA Foundation

Use this link to download the statutes of the SAPA Foundation: Statutes

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Board of Trustees

As the supreme body of the SAPA Foundation, the Board of Trustees, ensures that the Foundation pursues and achieves its goals.

The Board of Trustees is the strategic executive body of the Foundation and delegates overall operational management to the Director. The Board of Trustees is elected for a term of three years, with the possibility of re-election for two further terms. The Board of Trustees is composed of specialists in the fields in which the SAPA Foundation operates. This particularly relates to the following fields: archives and special collections, information technology, research and outreach, and communication.

Jacques Cordonier, President

former Head of Service Centre for Culture of Canton Valais

Adrian Balmer

Managing Director Lucerne Theatre

Alain Dubois

Cantonal Archivist, State Archives Valais

Yan Duyvendak

Artist and performer

Paola Gilardi

Journalist and Publicist, Co-President Swiss Society of Theatre Arts SGTK

Stefan Länzlinger

Head of Archiving Department, Swiss Social Archives

Prof. Dr. Christina Thurner

Professor of Dance Studies, Institute of Theatre Studies, University of Bern

Thomas Tribolet



Responsibility for the three SAPA offices and their 20 qualified employees is held by the Director, Beate Schlichenmaier.

The team comprises a total of 10 full-time equivalents.

They are supported by temporary employees as well as a pool of volunteers who provide their valuable expertise in specialised areas free of charge.

In terms of training, SAPA offers internships for budding information and documentation specialists, as well as other sector-related internship opportunities by arrangement.

SAPA also advocates professional and social integration and is a partner in the following institutions:

Benevol Bern
Diaconis Berner Stellennetz
HEKS Visite Zürich-Schaffhausen
Kompetenzzentrum Arbeit
SintegrA Zürich
Stellennetz, Fachstelle für Arbeitsintegration Zürich

Beate Schlichenmaier


Céline Bösch

Co-Head Archiving, Documentation, Library, LAUSANNE

PD Dr. Heidy Greco

Head Outreach and Scholarly Services, Scholarly Networks and Research, BERN

Urs Kaiser

Co-Head Archiving, Documentation, Library, BERN

Katrin Oettli

Head Conservation, Digitisation, ZURICH

Peggy Tschirren

Head Administration, Human Resources BERN

Baptiste de Coulon

Head Online Platform, Data Archivist, BERN

Angelika Ächter

Oral history specialist, Promoting, ZURICH

Andri Beyeler

I+D specialist, BERN

Fiona Daniel

Archiving team member, LAUSANNE

Beatrice Diel

Archiving specialist, ZURICH

Andrea Ehrat

Video conservation specialist, ZURICH

Géraldine Feller

Conservation, Long-term Archiving specialist, ZURICH

Simona Generelli

I+D specialist, BERN

Annika Hossain

Director’s Assistant, Communications, Fundraising, ZURICH

Agnès Küpfer

I+D Archiving specialist, LAUSANNE

Silvia Neukomm

Library specialist, BERN

Hans Oppliger

Association of Swiss Amateur Theatre team member, BERN

Dr. Ursula Pellaton

Subject expert, ZURICH

Héloïse Pocry

Documentation & Library specialist, LAUSANNE

Alina Weber

Accounting/Administration team member, LAUSANNE

Julia Wehren (mandated)

Scholarly team member, ZURICH

Bernard Amsler

Radmila Brunner

Roland Grimm

Christian Schneeberger

Brigitte Schrade

Regula von Greyerz


SAPA Foundation, Swiss Archive of the Performing Arts


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