Audio recordings
from the Swiss Cabaret Archive

Saving endangered tape recordings on Swiss cabaret arts by means of digitisation and long-term archiving

Carried out in collaboration with Memoriav, the project comprises the digitisation, long-term archiving and indexing of tape recordings on Swiss cabaret arts that otherwise face the threat of being lost for ever.

The audio documents – exclusively Helvetica (according to the definition of the Swiss National Library) – come from the Swiss Cabaret, Chanson and Pantomime Archive in Thun, the most significant collection on cabaret arts in Switzerland. The collection includes more than 3,500 audio and video carriers, more than 1,400 books and publications, as well as more than 600 archive boxes with documents related to the collection’s field. The collection became the property of the Swiss Theatre Collection, now the SAPA Foundation, as a donation in 1998.

The inventory list is already on Memobase and can be viewed at the following link: Memobase

Further Information:

Article on the Cabaret Archive

Photo: Tape cassettes from the Swiss Cabaret Archive © SAPA